So. I’m resurrecting the blog yet again. Seems like the randomness of tweets and facebook posts just don’t do that much for me. The question is, is anyone out there to read it? Is there any desire for some of the old content to be resurrected?  Just for memory’s sake, I’m going to bring back a few really old posts that I liked from way-back-when.

The old site was hacked and was acting as a spam-farm; sorry about that. I’ll try not to let that happen again.

As I do port some of the old content from the previous incarnations of scriptus, they will end up with the original post dates and will all be ‘older’ than this post. I will not be posting every post; just ones that I liked for whatever reason. Also, we had stopped posting from mid 2007 on… so that gap is because there was no content at all.

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