St. Paisius

To recap some of the past, Carolyn did get sick — strep and influenza, at the same time. This caused her (and Amy) to miss our planned family vacation to St. Paisius Serbian Orthodox Monastery near Safford, Arizona. William and I went anyway — the plane tickets were paid for, and I had not chosen refundable tickets. Whoops! Well, the monastery is beautiful, and the nuns are quite amazing and pious, and Mother Abbess Mikhaila (did I spell it correctly?) is a wonderful and holy spiritual leader.

Will got sick the day after we arrived. Then my allergies kicked in. Then I got pretty sick (a sinus infection). We had a wonderful time, but it was hard being so sick. William loved it — since returning, he has cried a few times sorrowfully, and when asked what is the matter, says he misses the monastery.

But! We are all well now, and we had a wonderful Holy Week and Pascha — Carolyn again was one of the myrrh-bearers, and I was privileged to serve in the altar on Great Friday afternoon and evening. Yesterday was a wonderful vesperal leave-taking of Pascha and FUN celebration at church — lamb, food, food and more food, and dancing (both American and Greek)… a little swing for us. We have yet to learn any Greek dancing! We were there celebrating for about three and a half hours after Vespers. My soul is happy, and I am so joyful and blessed to be part of such a wonderful family of the Orthodox faith.

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