Last weekend was pretty interesting — I am learning to be an acolyte, assisting the priests in the altar. So many details to remember! But it is a very special privilege as well. What was extra-special to me was that in our priest’s stead, serving liturgy last week was Hieromonk Christodoulos from the Monastery of St. George. One of the reasons this was special is that on the path to Orthodoxy, the very first EO liturgy I ever worshipped at was at the monastery, with Father Christodoulos. This was ‘another first’ with him! He is so passionate for Christ! Indeed, his name fits. (Our priest was at our cathedral, where, apparently with short notice, Archbishop Demetrios (hierarch of the GOA) was at liturgy. I hear their service was a bit longer than usual… )


I ask for your prayers, and also for my family. From July 28th through August 3rd, I’ll be going to Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage helping both to build a complete small house and work some at the orphanage. I’m pretty excited about it! The team will be flying into San Diego and driving for a couple hours to the orphanage, which is just south of Tijuana. I’ll also get to find out just how rusty mi Español es. Please pray for our team to serve humbly and lovingly to the needs we are presented with, and that the family will be fine without me being home for the week.

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