crazy about liturgy

This has been a wonderful week. It all started last Saturday. Amy had a 5-mile charity walk for IOCC, and so the family went up to the park where it was to be held. All of the Orthodox churches in the area were invited to participate. We started our day with the “Blessing of the Five Loaves” service, and our priest Fr. L. led the service accompanied by Fr. Apostolos Hill. His harmonies were so beautiful to hear as they chanted together! Then the walk started and I played with the kids and met some wonderful people. You all should congratulate Amy, she raised the 2nd highest amount for the IOCC!

Then on Sunday, we had the privilege of being at our (now former) Deacon’s elevation/ordination to the priesthood. The Liturgy was so incredibly beautiful. Of course, our bishop was there… also attending were ten other priests and two other deacons! It was almost beyond words. What a Spirit-filled morning! When our deacon stood before the bishop presenting himself for the priesthood, his words touched my heart so deeply… between his words and the beauty of it all, I was a tearful bundle of joy the rest of the morning. AXIOS! He is worthy.

The new Fr. E has been serving liturgy every day this week, and I have had the privilege of working some weird hours to go every morning this week. It has been a wonderful way to start the day. I have also assisted with the chanting duties all but one of the days since Monday. It has so filled my soul with music that I haven’t put on CDs going anywhere, I’ve just had the songs of the liturgy playing in my heart as I go about my day. I wish I could chant better, that it would just come easier. But then again, I haven’t been at it very long…

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