mea culpa

I left the office late yesterday, as I had to make sure that everything was ready for me to leave, and that I had everything I needed. As I was heading home late, I saw the line of cars streching out in front of me for an entire block — a half hour of waiting, stop and go. I wanted to get home to see my little ones (since I was leaving for India and wouldn’t see them for three weeks, I thought selfishly), so I did the dubious thing… I went up the right lane (which was empty) and at the last moment cut out of the right-turn-only lane across the solid white line, cutting another car off and making it through the intersection. Without waiting for any light. Mission accomplished!

Then I notice the flashing lights behind me. Yes, a motorcycle cop had caught me in the act. Yes, officer, I knew it was a turn lane, I knew what I did was wrong. Yes, I received a ticket. My first one in — almost ten years. Really, I drive pretty sanely 99% of the time.

The real irony is the for the last two years, I’ve often been cut off by someone at that very spot, and self-righteously wished that there was a police presence there to catch “those guys.” I’m sure the person I cut off drove by quite smugly, just as I would have.

And I forgot my laptop lock at the office, and have to go back today anyway. Sigh.

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