to india

I will be leaving Friday (as many of you know) to head to the other side of the world, to Bangalore, India, for a three week business trip. I am both looking forward to going and dreading being away from family for so long. Far away — 8,742 miles as the 747 flies. It will be two nine-and-a-half hour flights to get there — I’m taking Lufthansa, so my layover is in Frankfurt, Germany.

Since the trip is for work, I will have access to the net every day via the office, and I hope to post some observations on India while I’m there, and perhaps a few photos. I’m sure it will be nothing at all like I expect. Really, I’m not sure what I expect, anyway.

My primary concern at this point, in my own addicted way, is whether I will be able to find a decent espresso. I’m not counting on it, but that quest will certainly figure into the adventure of being there.

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